Who are we? what do we do? what do we believe in? Find out below.

Room architects was started by Amy and David Wilson in 2008. We had one project, one child, one car and one house.

Slowly we grew the practice until we had more than one project. Coincidentally, around the same time, we made another child, bought another car. Never quite managed to get a second house though.

Over the 12 years we have run the practice, both of us have lost sleep, David has lost hair and Amy has lost a couple of iPhones. We have completed a load of interesting projects; from one-off houses to tiny sheds.

We cannot honestly say we have enjoyed every minute of practice; some projects are horrible and some clients are horrible (not naming any names). There have been good moments. There is no feeling on earth like seeing something which was mostly resident in your head come to life.

But, all good (and semi-good) things must come to pass. We are both getting too old to run around, answering emails at all hours and drawing until the small hours of the morning. We also are both increasingly involved in teaching so this is a natural point to call it a day.

Thanks to everyone.