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Working for you

Working for you

At room architects the client comes first! We strive to create space which works for your family and lifestyle without breaking the bank. Our job as Architects is to guide you throughout the project so that together we can create beautiful spaces.

How we work

Virtual Building

At room architects we use virtual building software to design your building from the very start (okay we may do some sketches as well). You can walk round your house long before you get the keys

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Virtual Building

We know about construction

at room architects we enjoy the construction process as much as the design process. Seeing something come to life is a great feeling. We pride ourselves on our working knowledge of construction


Location, location location...

Location is everything when it comes to creating a successful project. Understanding the site is the first task we undertake as this allows us to think about light and views; and to make sure that privacy is respected. Working with the topography of the site helps make construction easier. Click below to download our free guide to understanding your site.

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Location, location location...

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