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I took this picture of a skip on a site I am involved with and was surprised at the variety of materials and items thrown out.

Building sites deal with a vast array of materials, there are tools which wear our, offcut materials, broken or damaged materials along with all the normal day to day waste (usually junk food wrappers and discarded newspapers).

What I personally would like to see is a scheme where sites are rewarded for separating out their rubbish into three or perhaps four compartments: metal, timber, plastic, other.

There must be money to be made by some enterprising skip company who could reduce the hire charge as an incentive and get the recoverable materials in return.

If anyone knows of a company doing this, please drop me an email, I’d be interested to talk to them about cleaning up future sites.


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  1. Ryan
    May 26, 2011

    Oh dear me again, I’m really enjoying your blog 🙂

    This post reminds me of a time in my last flat. The neighbours upstairs where having extensive work done in their flat and had employed a Polish joiner to do the work. Over the weeks he accumulated a huge pile of pieces and offcuts, all piled neatly and organised logically in the back garden so he could sift through and get what he needed. It was fascinating to watch and contrasted immensely with the wasteful, messy local joiners who fit a new kitchen in our flat shortly after.