50 hour house

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On Gairn terrace, Aberdeen there is a nice, simple semi-detached house which has a blue plaque on the front. I’d never noticed it before, despite living round the corner for a good few years as a student. The plaque states that this particular building was the first built in Aberdeen in under 50 hours. Quite […]

I have a dream

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I was thinking today about the direction my practice is going and of all the interesting people I’ve met since I started down this path a few years ago. A thought jumped into my head that made me think back to an epiphany moment when I was in my final year. Architecture students are always […]

Planning application

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I spent the day today putting together a planning application for a house extension in Aberdeenshire. The really cool thing was I was able to prepare, preview and submit the whole application electronically. Now I might be showing my age here but I remember when I was on my year out we used to take […]

1930’s Aberdeen

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I was looking through some old maps of Aberdeen from the 1920’s and it struck me just how little development there had been to the western edges of the city and just how much expansion there must have been in the decade immediately before the war. My own house was built in 1932 along with […]

Larch cladding and stainless steel

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Cladding work at our Bogindhu site is progressing well during this spell of good weather. The stainless steel contractor has finished the fill flashings under the cladding and I think that the two materials: terne-coated stainless steel and larch cladding sit very well together. Of course both materials will change with time, the larch will […]

First post of our new blog

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Hello, good evening and welcome. This is the first post of our new blog. There are a number of reasons that we’ve changed tack and set up a new blog; the first reason is that we really like wordpress, it’s a great site and the control over content is extensive. The second reason is that […]