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As an architect I always look for the simplest solution to a problem. Simplicity is, in my opinion, the root of all good architecture. This is perhaps the reason why I tend to shy away from the shape making of recent ‘iconic’ architecture; I can’t see where it has come from or the reasons behind […]

Starting a project

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It can be tricky to know where to start a project, especially if it’s an addition to your own home. Our houses are quite individual and the way we use them is unique to us so it is sometimes difficult to pin down what is important. Extensions cost money, real money, hard earned money. It […]

Going backwards

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Driving back to Aberdeen from Banchory the other day I happened upon a rather troubling phenomenon; architectural regression. In Drumoak, on one side of the road are some small semi-detached cottages, which could be council housing. On the other side is a development of ‘executive homes’ The cottages, which appear to be 1960’s or 70’s […]


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I’ve been thinking recently that the digital age is becomiing more of a burden than a blessing. don’t get me wrong, I love a gadget as much as the next guy but there is a difference between playing with an iphone and ‘using’ and iphone. Architects are visual people, I like to have a pen […]

Schedule of works

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I am currently working my way through my third schedule of works using the NBS Scheduler software and I am finding it very helpful, both in terms of documentation and for design. This might sound very boring, and I’m sure that clients will be surprised, but the initial sketch design is not the only interesting […]

Amazing Carving

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There is something fantastic about reusing everyday things in an unexpected and creative way, not to mention doing something that begs the question “how did he do that?” The image below is from USA artist (Carpenter actually) Dalton Ghetti who carves amazing things into the lead at the end of his carpenter pencils. Click the […]

Nice and simple

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I spotted this nice little steading on the way home from Maryculter the other day, I particularly like the way the gable is built up in timber over the stone Walls.

Scotland Housing Expo

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I have yet to get myself up to Inverness to have a look at the expo but I can’t wait to see what is is probably the most interesting event in Scottish architecture since Glasgow 1999. After the Glasgow event, there was a mini change in how buildings, especially housing, was thought of. Prior to […]

Proud father

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I know that this is my company blog, and I know I said at the start that I’d keep on topic but…. I am so proud of my wee boy, he produced his first recognisable person drawing today. Oil paints are next (he is only two so I might be premature) Room


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I took this picture of a skip on a site I am involved with and was surprised at the variety of materials and items thrown out. Building sites deal with a vast array of materials, there are tools which wear our, offcut materials, broken or damaged materials along with all the normal day to day […]