Starting a project

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It can be tricky to know where to start a project, especially if it’s an addition to your own home. Our houses are quite individual and the way we use them is unique to us so it is sometimes difficult to pin down what is important.

Extensions cost money, real money, hard earned money. It is important to get things right when preparing for work to be done. Many prospective clients approach us with a fixed timeframe but not a fixed idea of what they want to achieve. The mantra of ‘poor preparation produces poor product’ is one we live by (and sometimes we insert the missing rude ‘p’ word for good measure)

We are more than happy to sit down at the start of a project, before any drawings have been done, and work out a brief. A list or schedule of what is important. It is this important stage which is all too often overlooked.

So if you are thinking of doing work, have an idea, or just want to talk through a possibility, give us a call but don’t be afraid if we ask you some odd questions…we are just trying to understand what’s best.

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