St. Nicholas house

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I walked past St Nicholas house, the former home of the city council, a week or so ago and snapped this photo of its death wrap. Almost as if contained in a shroud, it stands waiting for its own demise.

In the years leading up to the council moving out of the building there had been an orchestrated campaign to condemn it as ‘the beast of broad street’. The two pillars of Aberdeen conservatism; the press and journal and it’s tabloid sister, the evening express had led the fight. Vox pop condemnation from ‘Bob from Northfield’ and ‘Sara -student’ was the ammunition which eventually executed this perfectly good building.

I will be sad to see it go. It was, despite the bluster, a good building. It was well composed, built of high quality materials and it represented a time of forward thinking which is well and truly in aberdeen’s past.

I fear that the loss of this anonymous tower block and it’s long plinth base will be the birth of something just as big, just as tall but altogether more brash. Consider the death of the Aberdeen college building on Holburn street; an anonymous grey lump, which was replaced by an identical scale obnoxious teenager…complete with green hair!

Be careful what you wish for.