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snowflake image

As an architect I always look for the simplest solution to a problem. Simplicity is, in my opinion, the root of all good architecture. This is perhaps the reason why I tend to shy away from the shape making of recent ‘iconic’ architecture; I can’t see where it has come from or the reasons behind it, and sometimes when I hear a verbal explanation of a particular building I secretly think “did they think that up afterwards”

Nature has some amazing complexity, surpassing that of the imagination of any architect but most of this complexity comes from the application of simple physical rules; salt crystals, hexagonal column lava and snowflakes are all beautiful as they show complexity and simplicity together.

The problem for a designer is that simplicity is sometimes very tricky to achieve, it takes careful planning, a lot of head scratching and a degree of self control. Simplicity is not a lack of detail but is in fact a restraint of detail.

We work hard to deliver good buildings and we accept that some of our work goes unnoticed in the background but that’s part of the enjoyment if the job.

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