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I have yet to get myself up to Inverness to have a look at the expo but I can’t wait to see what is is probably the most interesting event in Scottish architecture since Glasgow 1999.

After the Glasgow event, there was a mini change in how buildings, especially housing, was thought of. Prior to 1999, private housing was likely to be either pastiche or monotonous. After the expo of that year, we saw different materials enter the game, an emphasis on how buildings engage with the street and a realisation that houses are for living in (and should respond beyond simply being a number of bedrooms)

I have seen images if the Inverness expo and on the whole if looks very interesting, both in terms of the masterplanning and the execution. A favourite of mine (and I don’t just say this because my wife was involved) is plot 9 (three on nine), it is subtle without being too clever, Scottish without being shortbread tin-like.

If you get a chance you should visit, it is open until the end of the month.

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  1. J
    August 26, 2010

    Just went there last weekend, nice day albeit rather windy! There were certainly a number of good ideas from unexpected places, and some amazingly energy efficient schemes (two figure annual heating bills! I spend more than that a month 🙁
    A shame that it felt half finished though, Im sure it would have benefitted from another months work but ah well. A few disappointments too from some of Scotland’s top architects (we all know which project I’m talking about), but Rural Design have once again shone; most definitely “Best in Show”.