Schedule of works

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I am currently working my way through my third schedule of works using the NBS Scheduler software and I am finding it very helpful, both in terms of documentation and for design.

This might sound very boring, and I’m sure that clients will be surprised, but the initial sketch design is not the only interesting thing about our job. Sure it’s great to work on a blank sheet of paper and come up with ‘something’ that wasn’t there before, but the development of that idea is equally exciting (though in less of a eureka way)

The NBS scheduler software allows me to list out the various items which make up a sungle element of a job. It allows me to look at something like a door and think sideways about the sort of finish the door will have, what type of handles, hinges, glazing etc…

The wonderful thing about what we do is that we don’t have to hand over a sketch to someone else who will detail it, then to someone else who will specify the materials and components; we see the whole picture and the whole process is part of ‘the design’.

The tools we use make our job easier, and yes, like a lot of other people, we develop a slight fetish about those tools but at the end of the day it is the work that drives us. (although I admit I still like to play with my clever little laser measure every now and again – just for fun!)