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There is a joke in architectural circles that you can spot a rendered image because the creator has ‘put a bird on it’ (meaning that in an effort to make it look real, a blank boring sky wasn’t enough)

In the case of this image, the birds are actually there (though not real). They hang on fishing wire over the heads of the telly watchers below and the turn gently on unseen air currents. In a room where most surfaces are white and hard, a quirk, especially one which breaks the lines of the space can work wonders.

Contemporary interiors are often clean and white (or cold and clinical depending in your viewpoint) adding something of your own which deliberately jars can take the edge off and make the space more human.

In my humble opinion I love to see quirky objects in contemporary spaces, the stranger the better. It could be a stags head made from chintz or a massive old school chandelier (I have seen both!) it doesn’t matter, what matters is making the space your own with individual statement pieces.

So don’t be shy, put a bird in your living room, just be sure to use strong fishing line!