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Our client came to us wishing to gain access to the fantastic views from this cottage. Sitting on the gently sloping countryside some 15 miles north of Ellon, the views are amazing; an unobstructed sphere of sky stretching from horizon to horizon. However, the existing house had been extended in such a way that the building turned its back on the view with only parts of the building able to enjoy it. The building comprises a small traditional cottage with an earlier flat roof extension to the south and a couple of glazed porch add-ons to each gable.

Our response to the brief is to create a new living space at right angles to the existing cottage with large windows to the south to allow sunlight to wash into the space and the view to be addressed. The building will be simple and elegant, finished in a dark cladding to contrast with the white render of the existing cottage. Windows will be full height single sash with dark frames to match the cladding so that they appear as holes in the facade.