• New house near Lumphanan - Overhanging deck
  • New house near Lumphanan - South elevation
  • New House near Lumphanan - Living room

The first words our client said to us were “I want a Bond baddie house”. a lot to live up to and a bit of a challenge (and I have to admit that I did start to wonder why the baddies have more interesting houses).

The site is an amazing, south-west facing site which is perched above the village of Lumphanan in the Aberdeenshire countryside, just a stones throw from the Cairngorms national park. The site is wild with a backdrop of majestic scots pine trees to the north and the remains of tree stumps peppered throughout the long grass.

The slope of the site allowed us to either work with it or against it, and as this was a Bond baddie house, we chose to work against it; sailing the building out over the landscape to create a floating mass which sits onto a solid base.

The design allows for two bedrooms with associated accommodation. The main focus of the house was the connection with the outside and the fantastic views so the living, dining and kitchen are combined to allow light and views to all aspects from any space internally. Additional height was allowed for this element to give it a sense of drama and to allow it to dominate the lower bedroom wing.

The other significant element is the garage which stands like a monolithic cube of rusty steel, protecting the building and setting up the geometry of the house. The finish of the garage is deliberately different to the timber cladding of the remainder of the house yet it will tonally harmonise as the house fades into the landscape.