• Steading extension - view towards dining space
  • steading extension - view from dining area
  • steading extension - view of living room

Our clients are a design savvy couple who have a beautiful stone steading on a fantastic site but… the problem with converted steadings is that they aren’t always the most practical of houses; they tend to have long narrow spaces and circulating between rooms usually means getting in the way of something or someone.

The ‘L’ shape of the existing house meant that the kitchen space was compromised and had become a route through the house from the back door to the living room. The restricted windows of the existing steading meant that light was at a premium, something which our client was keen to remedy in the new design.

Our solution was to propose a large steading extension which provides a new living room to the west of the existing kitchen with a generous ‘corridor’ space between. This corridor wraps round the living room, widens and becomes a new dining and family space. direct entry into the dining space from the garden is available by way of large sliding doors which flood the space with light.

The dining space doubles as circulation space allowing the occupants to filter through into the spaces surrounding it without feeling that they are passing through a narrow passageway. By using the dining space as circulation, the space lost within the existing building to casual circulation is regained. The steading extension is finished in vertical cedar cladding which differentiates the new from the existing, the form of the living room is a pitched roof orientated in the same direction as the existing roof to complement the overall form.