• New build fishing hut
  • New build fishing hut

When the present owner of midmar stillwater fishery took over the running of the site, the only shelter for the anglers was a run-down, seen better days, static caravan that had a distinctive slant to one side that induced a mild sea-sickness in all who entered. The floor of the caravan had seen better days and the soft furnishing was close to being condemned.

To provide the forlorn anglers with some degree of dignity, the owner approached us to design a simple new build ‘hut’ which would be warm in winter, cool in summer and big enough to host club outings and the like. Oh, and he wanted to build it himself.

What we came up with was a simple form, recognisable as a traditional pitched roof, but modern in its details and layout. The building contains a small office, a large WC suitable for wheelchair users and a mess area with a kitchen, dining space and the all important wood burning stove. Windows overlooking the fishery provide wide views immediate to the bench seating and there is access to the outside deck for those rare sunny days.

As a new build, the challenge was to ensure the building was obviously contemporary without being too much of a contrast with the local vernacular. It also had to blend with the birch and hazel woodland behind it. Externally the hut is clad in vertical larch boards which will grey over time and it has a no-frills metal roof in a flat grey colour which will tone with the cladding.

Inside the space is clear and open with simple, hard wearing surfaces. The floor is a no nonsense ceramic tile while the wall enclosing the wc is finished in agricultural galvanised steel.

New build fishing hut