• burnhervie mill existing condition
  • sketch drawing
  • sketch drawing

Mill Conversion

Our clients purchased a former mill building in 2011 with a view to converting it to residential use, a previous planning application had established the principle of converting the building but the design as it stood didn’t suit their needs

A mill conversion should, in our view, retain a large part of the existing structure in order that the character of the building could be preserved. New windows are kept to a minimum, tastefully designed and are positioned to carefully add light into the plan. All new interventions are to be recognisable as new (no mock victorian here!)

In addition to the mill copnversion, A new extension to the west of the building is to be completed as a modern addition to the traditional mill, it is low, rectangular in shape and features large areas of glazing. Walls are to be finished in burnt cedar cladding.

The project is expected to receive planning permission during summer 2013 and recently obtained a building warrant for a start on site later in the year.