We were approached by the same client we had worked with for the project at Bogindhu to refurbish one the of the small outbuildings they had to form a hen house. Having settled into their house they wanted to enliven the farmyard and provide a few fresh eggs along the way.

The existing building we were asked to convert was originally a small cottage but had been converted in a rather brutal manner to house horses, raising the roof and replacing some nice stonework with cheap concrete blocks. Since owning the farm, our clients had used the building as their dog kennel but had always hankered after a hen house.

Our design for the hen house utilises the remaining stonework, removed the blockwork and returned the roof to it’s original state. Extending the building to the south we proposed a change of material; using rust coloured profiled steel to form a solid, safe enclosure that is robust enough to withstand constant use. Internally we have proposed pre-cast concrete to form shelving and storage elements that are easy to wash out and maintain. Nest boxes and other fittings are to be made from durable hardwood.

The remainder of the bothy building will be adapted to accommodate a dog kennel and an area for garden storage. To keep the dogs separate from the hens and to ensure that the birds are not stressed by barking, the kennel and hen house will face different directions. A separating solid wall will reduce noise transmission between the spaces.