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Cottage Extension – Hillside cottage – Aberdeenshire

Our client wanted a new family house on their farm in aberdeenshire. High on the hillside, above the existing farmhouse was a semi derelict cottage, slightly ravaged by time and partly occupied by pigeons. The views from the house were enough to convince us that it would make an amazing house.

Upgrading the small three room cottage to provide modern standards of accommodation required the addition of a significant extension which would almost treble the  floor area of the existing house.

The extension featured a large open plan living / dining / kitchen area which addressed the view by means of a full width sliding glass screen wall. The smaller bedroom wing, located behind the existing cottage was to be more traditional in scale and was designed to echo the balance of window openings shown on the existing cottage. The palette of materials for the project was chosen to reflect the traditional materials found in farm buildings; timber cladding, metal sheet roofing and wet dash render. The proposal was granted planning permission during 2010 but due to a change in circumstances, our client is unlikely to proceed

existing view