bogindhu house extension

Bogindhu house extension showing the existing house and new timber and glass extension


House extension – Bogindhu, Aberdeenshire

Bogindhu is a large house extension and refurbishment of Bogindhu farmhouse in Aberdeenshire was our first domestic project started shortly after setting up in 2008. The Project required a significant amount of work to the existing farmhouse including the removal of ground floor and first floor structures.

All internal walls of the original house were removed to reorganise the spaces within. The original external walls of the house were stripped back to expose the bare stone and re-lined to include insulation in order to increase the efficiency of the house.

The new house extension was designed as a contemporary barn structure, placed in an ‘L’ formation to complete the missing side of the farm court. Vertical timber was used for the external walls, punctured by full height windows. The first floor was marked by a stainless steel band which served as a cill for the cladding and in places, as a gutter. The roof is stainless steel, standing seam metal, hand formed on site.

Internally, the house extension is deliberately different from the existing stone house, the spaces are large and open with high ceilings. The double height space overlooking the living room provides a sense of drama and contrast to the smaller, more intimate spaces of the cottage.

House extension with stainless steel roof and timber cladding