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Pattern is something which most architects shy away from (some actively avoid) and I have to admit that I am one of those who think in terms of ‘material finish’ rather ‘applied finish’

I think we are missing a trick; throughout history, architecture has been closely linked with decoration. Indeed the very notion of an architectural style (Georgian, Victorian, gothic… Take your pick) is inseparable from the decorative style of the day.

I have to admit to leaving clients to choose blinds, tiles, flooring etc as it’s ‘their house’ and, again an admission, some of those choices have not been as good as they might have been. Architects should become better at being interior designers, after all that is sort of what we are trained to do; create interesting and functional space using materials.

So to a pledge, I won’t hold my tongue any longer when it cones to finishes. My primary aim is to make as good a building as I can fir my clients and if that means I have to choose between gingham and chintz then so be it.

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