I have a dream

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I was thinking today about the direction my practice is going and of all the interesting people I’ve met since I started down this path a few years ago. A thought jumped into my head that made me think back to an epiphany moment when I was in my final year.

Architecture students are always in two minds about what type of architect they want to be. The projects we work towards in university are exciting, large, complex and usually require a degree of investigation; concert halls, craft workshops, fashion show pavilions (no joke, I did one in third year). It’s a rare treat for a student to have the opportunity to design a house.

In my final year that opportunity arose. The project was for an extensive site in the westend of Aberdeen and housing was to be a major part of it. I can cleary remember the moment when I decided that giving people well designed houses was a very rewarding way of working. It was clear that there was something equally as challenging about making someone’s dream come true.

Architects like me are very lucky to have clients who understand and appreciate good design. It is great to meet people who recognise the value that good design can add to their home. Each new client makes my job more interesting and every project offers new opportunities and challenges.