Castle Fraser – Aberdeenshire

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We had the pleasure on a warm summer day to spend some time in the shadow of Castle Fraser. The event was a jousting tournament and while it was a great day for the kids I couldn’t stop looking at the Castle. I’m embarrassed to say I knew nothing about the castle, it is truly a magnificent building and well worth a visit.

The thing that interested me most about Castle Fraser was the composition (too architecty?) it is easy to read the spaces behind the walls, allowing you to establish which spaces are which just by how the windows are created. Following chimneys down will allow you to guess what the plan might be without even entering the building. It is also easy to see where changes have been made since it was first erected, some windows that are inconsistent with the small openings typical of the earlier building.

The detailing on the stonework is great but by no means ‘fine’. The stonework over the dormers is strong and still surprisingly crisp after centuries of wear.

Aberdeenshire has some of the best castles and country houses in Scotland and a great number of them are available to visit thanks to the work of the National Trust. We are pretty lucky that some of our most important houses are saved from ruin and available to us.